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This is a breakdown of some of the benefits that some carriers are looking to offer and pay for services for owner operators. The carriers that are advertising in our magazine need you and your rig to work for them. If you�re interested in owner operators jobs opportunities, we work with plenty of those companies.


  • Positions Ready in All Lower 48 States
  • Regional positions with steady freight lanes available
  • Some carriers offering local work with great home time
  • Most companies have your base plates, permits, and tolls paid

  • Most want 6 mo experience
  • Need a well-maintanied truck and trailer
  • Some experience tarping and strapping is a plus but is not always required
  • With steady freight, you can get home more while making more money

We�re the premier magazine for the owner truck industry in American and definitely on the Internet as well. Our clients have the freight and benefits, they just need to increase their trucking operator fleet numbers.


Some benefits are:

  • You get to use their authority
  • They have fuel surcharges
  • They have steady freight
  • They're likely to pay for alot of expenses
  • They probably have benefits that help you and your family
  • They have retirement plans


You might be able to:

  • Get home more often
  • Spend more time with your family
  • Haul more steady freight
  • Stay loaded more often
  • Limit dead head miles

Owner Operator Trucking Jobs If you�re the type that prefers the open road and also owning your own set up, then we certainly hope you can find some employment information here. We work with a lot of carriers that need your services because of the specialized nature of their freight and loads.

Overdrive Trucking Magazine Our magazine is filled with carriers and products that will help you be the most efficient driver on the road. Many of our advertisers also offer features for your set up to make working over the road a lot more comfortable. We certainly hope that you find what you�re looking for.